www.garryfrost.com: Garry Frost is an internationally acclaimed Australian songwriter with a catalogue of hits including the smash 'What About Me?' (Moving Pictures, Shannon Noll).

Garry Frost has 25 years experience in the music industry. He is an accomplished musician and an extraordinary songwriter. He has written numerous local and international hit songs, has played in several very successul bands, Moving Pictures and 1927 has written, performed and produced songs and music for recording artists, performers, and for television and continues to do so.

His song "What about Me?", was released by Australian Idol's Shannon Noll and again reached the number 1 position on the ARIA charts with sales in excess of 280,000 units and awarded the ARIA Song Of The Year for 2004

-a sample of Garry's Hit songs.

His services include songwriting, song repair and improvement, music production and incidental music.

September 2009

Sony Music has announced they are re releasing a remastered version of ..ish, on September 18.

A one off concert has also been announced.

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