Garry began playing guitar at the age of eleven and formed his first band, ("Sludgepump"), at fourteen while a student at Asquith Boys' High School, in Sydney, Sludgepump (subsequently known as "Allied Harp") was also the first band of legendary bass player Ian Lees. Allied Harp performed at many school functions, but most notably, at hundreds of gigs in garages across Sydneys north. The high point of Allied Harp's career was their acclaimed supporting gig with "Daddy Cool" at the notorious Hornsby Dance.

During the time, Garry also began an illustrious but short-lived career as a professional soccer player before entering the University of NSW BSCPsych. program. Here, Garry and his University mates formed the band "Q" (originally "Far Q") and he began writing songs. After completing his Degree, Garry went "bush" and worked on properties in far western NSW, before returning to work with children at the Autistic Association and the Deaf and Blind Children's Centre. Garry recorded his first demos while working at the Autistic Association. He was dismissed by record companies and was even told by one exectutive that he would never have a career in the music industry and should give up immediately.

Garry took off to the bush again, this time fruit picking, and while on the road recieved a call from singer/songwriter Alex Smith who asked him to audition for his new band. Garry returned to Sydney and was offered the job of guitar player in "Moving Pictures".

Moving Pictures played over 300 gigs in their first year together. Shortly after, they signed a recording contract with Glen Wheatley's record company. Their first album, "Days of Innocence", was recorded at the Music Farm at Byron Bay with producer Charles Fisher. With the album near completion, the band took a night off to celebrate Charles' birthday. At a sing along around the piano, Garry began to play a song that the band had previously decided did not suit their style. Charles Fisher heard Alex sing the song and insisted that it be recorded for the album. The song was "What about me?". It was to become Moving Pictures biggest hit and an Australian classic.

"What About Me?" was the second single released from "Days of Innocence". It reached Number 1 nationally in Australia and remained there for many weeks. The album was released internationally and "What About Me?" went into the US Billboard top 20 with a bullet. Sadly this coincided with the demise of the record company Electra, which prevented further sales. "What About Me?" was re-released in the U.S in 1987 and was again a smash hit, and, with a combined 43 weeks on the Billboard charts, became the second longest running single of the decade. "What About Me?" was also released in numerous territories around the world, and became a smash hit in Italy (with lyrics about lost love and other trauma...)

In 1983, Moving Pictures released their second album, "Matinee", as well as another Garry Frost song, "Winners" which was also to become a major hit.

The inevtibale pressures of success took their toll on the band and Moving Pictures parted company with Garry in 1984.

Garry continued to write songs and signed a publishing deal with Warner Bros in 1985. The following year, he decided to form a new band with ex Electric Pandas drummer, Phillip Campbell. They "discovered" Eric Weideman, on a national TV talent show (Red Faces), and Garry travelled to Melbourne to ask Eric to be the singer in his new band, "1927", which included Garry's brother Bill on the bass.

1927's debut album "ish..." was produced by Charles Fisher and sold 400,000 copies in Australia, winning ARIA's best debut Album in 1989. Garry's "That's When I think of You" won best debut single in the same year. Five of Garry's songs were released as singles from "ish..." and all were major hits, catapulting 1927 into Australian recording history.

"Difficult Second Album" conflicts saw Garry's untimely resignation from 1927 in 1990, shortly after co-producing their second platinum-selling album, "The Other Side", which included Garry's top 20 hit. "Tell Me A Story".

Garry become a father of twins in 1992, and now has is four most precious hits (three boys and a girl).

Since the early 1990's, Garry has worked in various areas of the music industry, and has helped many artists and bands to obtain recording contracts with International recording companies. Garry has continued to write, achieving an Australian Songwriters Association Award for "Children of the World" in 2000.

He currently writes for television, for documentaries, and produces music for various artists. His song "What about Me?", was released by Australian Idol's Shannon Noll and again reached the number 1 position on the ARIA charts with sales in excess of 200,000 units.